A Musical Pastime

Well, there’s been an explosion of music in our lives recently. I’ll save the unpacking of that statement for another post because it’s a lot. Anyhow…. in the meantime:

Sometimes, we just sit on the couch and binge-watch YouTube music.

A few particular favourites that come to mind tonight:

(This Bon Iver session is my go-to for testing sound issues on computers. I know that not everyone is a big Bon Iver fan. Well, I can’t make you love them, if you don’t.)

(This was our very first introduction to Kishi Bashi. Love, love, love.)

(Over the past 20 years, I’ve been been to so many performances and bought so many recordings that have involved these men. Heck, I own at least three Pedro The Lion t-shirts — I’ll need to do a whole blog post on David Bazan. Anyhow, Lo Tom makes me feel all sorts of feels.)

(How does she make such beauty seem to effortless? She’s just that damn talented. Her album Changing of the Seasons is one I love so much. Go check it out.)

(This was our introduction to London Grammar and I keep coming back to it. Is it possible to have a crush on someone’s voice? Because, I think I do.)


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